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Eco-Friendly Initiative

Adventure Ascent pledges to own and drive only Eco-friendly electric vehicles with zero emissions. In this day and age, transportation is an essential aspect of our  life. Transportation is important to carry out our everyday activities. Smooth and reliable transport service is indispensable part of tourism sector. However, the current transportation system comes with a lot of issues resulting in environmental degradation. Above all, it is especially causing air pollution. Statistics show that over 90% of road transportation in the World relies on oil. We believe this has to change for protecting and preserving our dwindling ecosystem.

Pollution in Kathmandu and Eco-friendly steps

Over the course of a decade, Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is on the list of the most polluted cities in Asia. We need to quickly deal with this problem as it is a serious issue. The city resides in a bowl-shaped valley, with an almost permanent inversion layer which greatly increases the likelihood of air pollution. The valley traps the polluted air and keeps recirculating. As a result, this prevents the escape of industrial and vehicle air pollutants. Also, the pollution outputs rose drastically over the years. Firstly it is mainly due to the rapid rise in the number of vehicles many poorly maintained. Secondly, there are several unregulated industries. Lastly, many ongoing road expansion projects are leaving roads dusty and yet to be black topped.

Adventure Ascent is taking steps in the hope for a cleaner and greener Kathmandu. Therefore, we currently own a Mahindra e-Verito electric car and two Niu N-series electric scooters. We use it to commute around the city. We can claim that we are striving to be Eco-friendly by using electric vehicles. As the electricity in Nepal is generated through clean hydro-power. Hydro produced electricity is a clean source of energy as it leaves a zero carbon-footprint. In addition, we are also happy that the Nepalese government is encouraging the use of electric vehicles. There is significantly less import tax and zero road tax. As our company grows we will surely invest in electric vans and buses to better serve our clients in a clean and greener way. Adventure Ascent wants to promote and implement ways to make tourism Eco-friendly and sustainable.

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  • 13th August 20